Monday, 4 February 2019

Internship for III M.E.Cs Students

Internship programme on "Embedded Systems and its Designing "
                                                Dept of Physics &Electronics  has organised an Internship programme on "Embedded Systems and its Designing " for M.Sc Physics students  &III B.Sc.Electronics cluster students in Collaboration with MICRO LINK,Vijayawada from 21st Jan to 5th February 2019 during which the  students were given hands on experience by doing projects related to Embedded Systems along with theoretical concepts.

IIRS online course

On line live course on “Hyper Spectral Remote sensing and its Applications”
IIRS outreach programme
Our College has become the network institute of IIRS Outreach network,ISRO,Dehradun,Dept of Space,Govt. of India during December 2018.  Dr.A.Nirmala Jyothsna, HOD of Physics and Electronics is the Coordinator of our institute for the  Outreach Programme.The dept of Physics has taken charge  of  registering  the students for this course and making arrangements to run this programme.. Altogether 31 participants comprising  of  13 physics and computer faculty and 18 Physics cluster students  have participated in IIRS 41st distance learning course on "Hyper Spectral Remote sensing and its Applications " from 21st Jan to 1st February 2019.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Energy Conservation Week

Celebration of Energy Conservation Week : 
As a part  of Energy Conservation Week  celebrations the department of Physics and Electronics organised a PPT competition on  15thDecember 2018.  The participants presented papers  related to Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Sources . Dr.A.Padmavathi & Dr.Mrs.A.Nirmala Jyothsna were the judges for the competition. All the presentations were very informative enlightening the students about various Alternate Energy sources and their application in different fields.All the students of SCOPE club & E-hub were the audience for these PPT presentations.
An Essay writing  competition on “Energy saved is Energy produced” and Poster painting Competition on the topic “Alternate Energy sources for clean Environment ” was organised by the dept  of Physics & Electronics on 18th December.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

St.Anns feast

The department of P.G.physics celebrated St.Anns feast  in the auditorium on 25th July 2018. All the sisters of St.Anns Community,the faculty,Support staff and the students  together celebrated St.Anns feast  with great reverence to St.Ann.
 The programme started with a prayer dance by M.Sc.Physics students followed by a skit performed by M.Sc.Chemistry students in which the life of St.Ann was beautifully depicted. A beautiful dance on importance of protecting Mother Earth from pollution was performed by M.Sc.Nutrition students.The correspondent Rev.Sr.Lurdu Mary along with community sisters,Senior faculty & Students union honoured St.Ann by lighting lamps. Our correspondent Rev.Sr.Lurdu Mary & our principal Dr.Sr.Mercy addressed the staff and students and spoke about the important values to be imbibed & practiced from the life of St.Ann.  On this occassion all the faculty ,support staff and students  wished all the sisters and conveyed their festal greetings.

Teachers day celebrations

·         On 5th September 2018 the students have celebrated Teachers day with much reverence and love under the guidance of Department of Physics & Electronics .It was an important and special day as Dr.Fathima ,Lecturer in English completed her 25 silver years of her dedicated service .
        The program started with a beautiful Prayer dance performed by students holding 25 candles which represent the service of the silver jubilerian. The gathering was welcomed by a beautiful  Welcome dance which had a traditional classical touch .PG students have performed a Theme dance elevating the role of a teacher in a student’s life which was heart touching.
       The students conveyed their wishes to all the staff through a video in a novel way .They have also enacted a dance based on Woman Empowerment .They have expressed their gratitude to teachers through a MIME. Later silver jubilee celebration of Dr.Fathima Rani  was  conducted in a grand manner by Department of English.

Workshop on “PCB Designing and Manufacturing”

·         Two day workshop was organized by the department of Physics and Electronics on “PCB Designing and Manufacturing” in which Mr.V.Govinda Rao, Director Technical, Microlink, Vijayawada, was the Resource person. In this technical session 115 students belonging to I B.Sc(MECS),II B.Sc(MECS),M.Sc Physics  have actively participated and they were divided into 28 batches.
             On 30-8-2018 in the morning session Mr.V.Govinda Rao has given basic knowledge on PCB Circuit Designing and Manufacturing.   In the afternoon session the students are  trained, to design the  layout of the circuit on PCB board ,using PCB wizard                              software.
               On 31-8-2016, the students have practiced on how to print the design on PCB circuit board and after that they have done drilling on the circuit board in order to insert components on the PCB circuit board. At last the students completed the project by  connecting the components on the board and soldering it. Each student has done 3  projects namely  Regulated Power Supply , IR tester and Night lamp.
                 Valedictory session was held at 3.30 PM in media centre in which the students responded that they were excited and thrilled to complete three live projects on their own and they expressed a desire to do more live projects on their own.


On   13th  August  2018 , Department  of  PG  Physics  has  organised “  Inauguration  of SPACE club” for the  academic year  2018-2019.  In this event Quiz programme was conducted for the students  by  SPACE club office bearers. The Quiz was conducted based on  “ Concepts of Physics, Scientific abbreviations, Scientists & Discoveries followed by Visual connection round ”. Students have actively participated in this Quiz programme and enhanced their knowledge.Dr.Mrs A. Nirmala Jyothsna,HOD of Physics & Electronics  awarded prizes to the winners and inspired them by her motivational message. 

Physics club “ SCOPE”

1.      The Department of Physics and Electronics   Physics clubSCOPE”  Club on 11th August 2018 in Media centre. The II B.Sc. Physics students are the members of Physics club named as SCOPE CLUB . The students gave  four Power point presentations on “Different types of LASERS” , “LASERS and its Applications”, “LASERS and its impact on man kind” and “Holography and its applications ”. The PPT presentations were quite interesting and informative .The Academic achievers of II and IV semesters were recognized and awarded prizes by Dr.A.Nirmala Jyothsna, HOD of Physics & Electronics . The program ended with an inspirational message by Dr.A.Nirmala Jyothsna.

Electronics club “ E-hub”

1.      The Department of Physics and Electronics inaugurated the Electronics club  E-hub” on 10th August 2018 . The II B.Sc Electronics students are the members of Electronics club named as E-Hub. It was inaugurated with prayer followed by lighting of the lamp. A Quiz Program was conducted for all the E-hub members by the office bearers of E-hub. The students have actively participated in the Quiz Competition and winners were given prizes by Dr.A.Nirmala Jyothsna, HOD of Physics & Electronics. The Academic achievers of II & IV Semesters were recognized and awarded prizes by our Vice Principal Rev.Sr.Showrilu. The program ended with valuable messages by Rev.Sr.Showrilu. and  Dr.A.Nirmala Jyothsna.

Extension program on “Robotics the Future”

1.      An extension program on “Robotics the Future” was put up on 2nd August 2018 in our college auditorium by III B.Sc- MECS, the ward students of Ms. K. Satyavathi, Lecturer in Physics & Electronics. In this program the different parts of Robotics, the technology used in it , applications of Robotics in various fields like Medicine, Defence , Service, Industry , Mining, and Domestic purposes are explained in detail with the help of  interesting videos and Power Point Presentations.

Internship for III M.E.Cs Students

Internship programme on "Embedded Systems and its Designing "                                                 Dept of Physi...